Mascarade - Revised Edition

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A brand new edition of the hidden role card game Mascarade!

Mascarade is a bluff party game for two to 13 players that takes place during a fancy masked ball. Originally published in 2013, Mascarade will be getting a make-over featuring new artwork from Diana Chen, otherwise known as Things by Diana on Instagram. The new edition will include roles from both the previous base release and its expansion, which features all additional 13 characters released for the title.

Besides the new artwork and mixture of hidden role cards from the original base game and Expansion, the revised version of Mascarade will also feature a selection of scenario cards that will enable players to adjust the game’s deck to better fit certain player counts.

Contents: 17 Mask cards, 80 1-value Coins, 24 5-value Coins, 1 Justice board, 1 Bank insert, 9 Scenario sheets, 6 player aids and a rulebook.

Age: 10+
Players: 4-12
Time: 30+

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