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Chinese Checkers can be played with 2 6 people. The objective is to get all of your pieces from one side of the star to the opposite side of the board before the other players do the same with their pieces.

  1. Cut out the pieces and arrange them on the spaces with the corresponding color. Each player is trying to get all of their pieces from the section in their color to the opposite side of the board (so Green is trying to get to Yellow and vice versa, while Blue is trying to get to Orange and vice versa).

  2. Players take turns in a clockwise fashion. For each turn, a player can make one move. Either the player can move a piece forward a single space, or they can jump the piece over other pieces. The jump may occur over opposing or friendly pieces with no effect. No pieces are ever captured. In order to jump over a piece, the jumping piece must be adjacent to the jumped piece, and it must land on an empty space. There can be multiple jumps in one turn, but only if the jumps occur in the same general direction.

  3. The winner is whoever moves all of his or her pieces to the opposite side of the board first. After a player has won, the other players continue to play to determine 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place.


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