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Needs: 2 Dice
This is a game for 2-4 players. The object of the game is to get all four pieces of one color around the board and

to the “home” space.

Preparation: Cut out all of the pieces. Each player gets four pieces of the same color. Players sit with their colored box (or “nest”) to their right, with all their pieces in the nest. Players roll the die to see who goes first. Highest roll starts and the turns alternate in a clockwise rotation.

Gameplay: A player can roll one or both dice for each turn. The player must roll a sum of five in order to bring a piece out of the nest. If no pieces are out of the nest, the turn is over. If the player rolls a total of five, one piece may enter onto the colored-ring space to the left of the nest. This is a safe space. Any dark space with a ring is a “safe” space where a piece cannot be captured.

Each player rolls one or both dice to move their pieces forward. For every roll of five, the player must bring a piece out of the nest (if possible). A player must use as much of the value of the dice as possible. If a player rolls a 2 and a 4, then the player may move one piece forward 6 spaces, or one piece forward 2 spaces and another piece forward 4 spaces. If a player rolls a double, then they get to move forward that number as well as the number on the reverse side of the dice (for a total of 14 spaces, divided as the player sees fit).

Each piece must go counter-clockwise around the board. The goal is to get all four pieces all the way around the board and back to the colored strip that leads to the home base. Pieces may only go down their own strip. Pieces trying to get into home must roll the exact number they need in order to enter the home base area. The game is over when all four pieces of one color have entered home base.

Capture: If a player’s piece lands on an opponent’s piece, the player gets to move their piece forward 20 spaces and the opponent’s piece is sent back to the nest. Exceptions to this rule are safe spaces and blockades.

Blockades are when two pieces of the same color occupy the same space. This also serves to block other players from moving their pieces forward. The two pieces forming a blockade may not move forward together. Safe spaces that have colored rings are safe unless that colored piece is entering the board from a nest. If an opponent’s piece is on that safe space, it is captured. If, however, there is a blockade on that safe space, that colored piece is blocked from entering the board until one of the blockade pieces moves.

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