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This is a game for two people. Cut out the board and fold the last row under the board so that it can’t be seen. Use a hole-puncher to punch out all of the colored dots.

The code-maker chooses a code and fills it in on the color answer bar before folding it under the board (so that the code-guesser can’t see it).

The code-guesser gets 14 tries to guess the colors and the exact order they’re in. You may play with or without duplicating colors, or with more than 4 colors.

After every attempt by the code-guesser, the code-maker will provide hints using the four circles in the clue box. The code-guesser gets a check mark for every color that’s the right color in the right place. They get an X mark for every color that’s the right color in the wrong place. They get nothing in their clue circles if none of the colors are right.

Example: If the code-maker’s code is “orange-black-blue-green” and the code-guesser guesses “black-red- blue-red” then the code-guesser would get one check mark and one X mark.

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