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This is a game for 2-4 players. It can go for one round or many. If it goes for more than one round, players must keep track of their cumulative scores.

Setup: Cut out the tiles and place them face-down or in a bag so that the values can’t be seen. Each player draws 14 tiles and arranges them so that their values are hidden from other players.

Gameplay: Each player draws a tile. The highest-value tile goes first; after that, players alternate turns in a counterclockwise direction. For each turn, a player may either lay down tiles or pull a tile from the pile if they cannot play.

In order to begin playing, the player must have an initial meld to lay down. An initial meld is when a player can lay down a combination of runs or groups that total 30 or more points. Runs must be sequential and in the same color. Groups must have all different colors. Jokers can be used for any color or value until it is laid down and assigned a specific value. Both runs and groups must have at least three tiles, but they can have more. Initial melds cannot play off of other players’ tiles.

Once the tiles have been laid down in groups or runs of three, other players can add to those combinations. Players may also remove tiles from a combination as long as they then use those tiles immediately and ensure that the combination still consists of three tiles before the turn is over. Runs may be split and rearranged into two or more separate runs. Players must lay down all tiles possible at every turn, or else pick up seven additional tiles.

The hand is over when a player runs out of tiles. This player is the winner. The losers get their leftover points subtracted from their total score, whereas all of their subtracted points get added to the winner’s cumulative score. Tiles are worth their face value except for the Jokers, which are worth 50 points each.

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