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Chronicles of Crime - is a cooperative board game about investigating crimes, combining board game components, an application and virtual reality. With the same physical components (playing field, locations, characters and items) in Chronicles Of Crime board game, players can go through many different scenarios and solve many crime stories. The game comes with 1 tutorial and 5 scenarios, but new ones can be downloaded
You can do it in the application itself!

In the board game, players open an app, choose a scenario, and follow the story. The goal is to catch the killer as quickly as possible in a specific chosen scenario. Using special Scan&Play technology, each component (location, character, item, etc.) has its own unique QR-code, which, based on the scenario, activates certain clues and stories. This means that players can get new stories after the game is released, simply by downloading them into the app, with no additional purchase of physical components.

For a virtual reality (VR) experience in the board game, all you need is a mobile phone. Players simply put on the VR glasses on their mobile phone and nose (no purchase required), hold the phone in front of their eyes and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of this board game, searching for different evidence in the virtual world.
Age: 12+
Minimum number of players: 1
Maximum number of players: 4
Game duration: 60+

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