Don't Get Stabbed

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The Ultimate Horror Game for Scary Movie Fans!
Have a killer game night with DON'T GET STABBED! The game where you get to kill your family and friends (for pretend).
Inspired by horror movies but light-hearted enough for everyone to enjoy.
One player is the killer. The rest are victims.
The killer wins when all the victims have three Stab Cards. The victims win by escaping.
Everyone takes turns drawing cards. If a victim gets three Stab Cards, they DIE! But they can use Action Cards to avoid getting stabbed. And they can use Combo Cards for a chance at escaping. But the killer has special powers. If the killer draws a Stab Card, they can put it back in the deck wherever they want. And the killer can use Action and Combo Cards to thwart the victims’ attempts to stay alive.
An exciting card game for adults or as a gift for a horror fan. 

Age: 18+
Players: 3-5
Time: 15+

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