Factory 42 Deluxe სამაგიდო თამაში

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Strategize, outmaneuver & swindle to solve the Dwarven bureaucracy in a cooperatively competitive worker-placement game. Factory 42 is a resource management game using worker-placement and a cube tower with new approaches to these mechanics and continues the set of games based in the world of Zanziar. Two to four players compete as Dwarven factory foremen, guiding their workers through the manufacturing process and earning rewards from the fulfillment of government orders. Bureaucracy hinders the process, affecting the supply of materials to the common resource pools and punishing foremen for failing to fulfill orders. The factory production line has to meet quotas, undercut rivals and improve tools.... which may require some shady deals.
Age: 12+
Players: 2-4
Time: 90+

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