Hive Carbon სამაგიდო თამაში

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Hive Carbon is the classic black and white version of Hive. Hive is an amazing and award-winning strategy game for two people. While it has simple rules and is easy to start playing, it hides an unexpected depth of techniques and strategies. HIVE was first presented at the largest board game exhibition for the public "Spiel Essen" where it was voted "Best in Show". Since then it has won many major awards worldwide culminating in the coveted MENSA Award, The IQ Society: 'Mensa Select Winner'. It has become a benchmark of the category it belongs to and is played in most countries of the world. The inventor of the game is John Yianni, a Briton of Greek origin.

The object of the game is to be the first to completely surround the opponent's queen using a series of insect pieces. Because each insect moves in the game's Hive in a unique way similar to the way insects move in nature, the Hive has been described many times as "nature's chess". But it has simpler rules, doesn't need a board and additionally has a third dimension in the movement of the pieces.

Hive Carbon also includes two extensions of the regular version, the mosquito and the ladybug.

It contains 26 pieces, instructions in Greek, English and a beautiful bag to easily carry anywhere.

Age: 9+
Players: 2
Time: 30+

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