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Have fun racing around the galaxy to collect infinity stones with your 3D Marvel playing pieces (5 figures available).

You and your team need to reach Earth with more infinity stones than Thanos on his glove

In this coop game you will fight Thanos to retrieve from him the stones.

Players will throw the dice to move forward on the path to earth but be aware some steps may generate actions such as losing a stone or retrieve a stone from Thanos or fighting Thanos.
When each player reaches Earth, you have to fight Thanos a last time. Throw a dice, add your tokens’ to improve your strength and compare it to his throw, the highest can stole a stone for the other one.
When each player has ended their turn, if The Avengers own more stones than Thanos, they WIN!

Age: 6+
Players: 2-4
Time: 15+

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