Mosquito Show

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In the jungle, the mighty jungle, two teams are in search of food; each team consists of a Chameleon and a Toucan. Both teams are looking for small Mosquitoes that can be found on nearby water places. Golden Mosquitoes are particularly prized for their intense flavor.
At their turn, players must move only of their two animals. In order to move, an animal MUST eat a Mosquito. If it cannot eat a Mosquito, it is blocked and cannot move. Each animal has its own method to eat and move. The Chameleon eats a Mosquito from an adjacent pond, then, it moves to an empty orthogonal jungle space and applies the effects of the eaten Mosquitoes. The Toucan jumps diagonally over a stack of mosquitoes, then it eats the Mosquito on top of each stack it has jumped over and applies the effects of the eaten Mosquitoes. If a player eats their 9th golden Mosquito, it is an instant victory. At their turn, if a player cannot move any of their two animals, it is an instant loss !
Age: 8+
Players: 2
Time: 15+

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