My First Match It - Counting Cupcakes

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Kids love treats and sweets are the best way to practice counting! In this matching puzzle kids are asked to count the amount of objects on top of the cupcakes and match it to the puzzle piece that has the corresponding number. Only the piece with the correct answer matches and combines with the cupcake piece and this motivates the child to check for themselves and correct if necessary. The pack includes 15 pairs of puzzles designed in bright, vibrant colors, perfect for motivating younger children to learn in the most fun way!

INTRODUCE BASIC PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS – These puzzles are an ideal way to help your child gain a basic understanding of how to solve simple problems. Colorful pictures provide instant gratification for every problem solved!

PROMOTES CONCENTRATION AND FOCUS- These puzzles are an ideal way to develop your child's ability to focus on one task. The child proceeds to self-correction, finding that only one piece fits together correctly, and this gives him a strong incentive to find it.

Age: 2-5
Number of players: 1

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