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Respond to the leader's reflections with your sharpest lines, or otherwise... you'll be the one who says "Shut Up!"

The goal of Shut Up! is to crush the morons you so generously call your ‘friends’ in a glorious battle of wits.
What you’ll need: Just the cards and a minimum of two hapless fools for you to dominate (meaning 3 or more players).
Shut Up! is played in a series of short matches, and each match is broken into two rounds. Think of it like a series of short boxing matches, but with less punching. Usually."

Players are dealt the cards per the Set-up. One player designated as a judge flips over a blue care with a "Judgement" on it. Players then play green cards as fast as possible as only the first two played are accepted by the judge. Players then argue their card choices to the judge who may then ask for a red "Modifier" card to be played by the chosen players. The judge makes a final ruling on whose cards best describe the blue card played. The winner is awarded the blue card. The role of "Judge" for the next round is awarded to the winner. After a predetermined number of rounds by the players, the player with the most blue cards is the winner.

Age: 18+
Players: 3-12
Time: 30+

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