Dobble Farm NL

ZYGOMATICკოდი: ASM01-014

თანხა ფასდაკლებით57.00 ₾

დღგ-ს ჩათვლით. მიწოდების თანხის დაანგარიშება ხდება გადახდის გვერდზე

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Dobble Farm is a great fun card game for young and old. In this fast-paced card game, players simultaneously look for 1 equal symbol on two different cards. Speed, observation and reflexes are of great importance to win this game!

Dobble Farm contains 30 playing cards on which 6 symbols are always depicted. Think for example of a tractor, pig, apple, rabbit and a windmill. There are 5 different mini-games you can play with this, each with its own rules. The cards are packed in a handy tin and the game is also ideal to give someone as a gift.

Contents: 30 cards, 1 can and 1 set of game rules.

Age: 4+
Players: 2-5
Time: 15+

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