Logiquest Shadow Glyphs

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Years of searching have led you to the legendary Shadow Temples!
An ancient people once hid treasures inside, behind thick walls painted with strange patterns. Most spectacular of all was a statue, bejeweled with forty dazzling gemstones that represented the life spirit of the people. Thieves took the gems from the statue, but its magic would not permit the gemstones outside the Temples. To this day, they lie scattered between the Temple walls. Return the gems to the statue to honor the people of the Shadow Temples.

Shadow Glyphs is a puzzle adventure in which you arrange Blocks to create shadows to match patterns on Puzzle Cards.

Each puzzle shows a painted outline—or Wall Pattern—inside an ancient temple, and the Blocks that lie nearby. Once a day, sunlight shines into the temple through small holes, striking each pattern. If the Blocks cast a shadow matching the exact shape of a Wall Pattern, the puzzle will be solved.

Contents: 1 Fold-out Puzzle Board and Push-Button Light, 10 Puzzle Block Pieces, 25 Double-Sided Puzzle Cards, 1 Instructions.
Age: 8+

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