PKM - Sword & Shield 8 Fusion Strike Checklane სამაგიდო თამაში

Nintendoკოდი: 7730776-1

Variant: Blitzle
თანხა ფასდაკლებით43.00 ₾

დღგ-ს ჩათვლით. მიწოდების თანხის დაანგარიშება ხდება გადახდის გვერდზე



The road ahead reveals limitless potential as the new Fusion Strike style emerges to harness the unbound spirit of Pokémon and Trainers alike! Adaptable new Pokémon V like Genesect V, Hoopa V, and Mew VMAX are eager for battle, while Single Strike and Rapid Strike Pokémon loom large as Rillaboom VMAX, Cinderace VMAX, and Inteleon VMAX appear in their Gigantamax forms. Go with the flow and discover powerful new strategies in Pokémon TCG:Sword & Shield—Fusion Strike!


  • 1 booster
  • 1 collectible coin
  • 1 (of 2) foil promo cards

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