Romeo and Juliet-252 Piece Double-Sided Jigsaw ფაზლი


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დღგ-ს ჩათვლით. მიწოდების თანხის დაანგარიშება ხდება გადახდის გვერდზე



A love story that takes place in Verona, Italy ends with bloodshed, due to an old vendetta between two families. Romeo and Juliet, the children of the rival Montego and Capulet families, meet by chance and immediately fall in love. They are willing to risk everything to be together! With a fascinating combination of dazzling passion and fierce hatred, Shakespeare's legendary work, dating to 1595, was with Hamlet among the most popular Shakespearean plays of his lifetime.

This 252-piece double-sided puzzle depicts the romantic balcony scene on one side and an excerpt from the book on the other, making it an ideal gift for both book lovers and puzzle lovers. The imaginative packaging will beautify your office and library giving a special vintage look.
Puzzle Dimensions: 24 x 37 cm
Age: 8+

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