Star Wars Stay On Target Card Game

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დღგ-ს ჩათვლით. მიწოდების თანხის დაანგარიშება ხდება გადახდის გვერდზე

ხელმისაწვდომია ( 3 ცალი), მზად არის მიწოდებისთვის


The Death Star exhaust port is only two metres wide but the Rebel Fleet must make a direct hit in order to destroy the Death Star! As leader of your fleet, organize your crews, and make your attack runs.

The aim of the game is to successfully complete Attack Runs to earn Target Points. Each player has a defense value they use to deflect Imperial attacks on their path to the Exhaust Port. They can even call on Obi-Wan Kenobi for help. Players who have earned four or more Target Points from previous Attack Runs can finally take aim and try to destroy the Death Star. The first player to do this is the winner!

Age: 8+
Players: 2-5
Time: 30

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